Chapter 3 First Impression Post #1


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Marijuana is a popular topic in the media; due to, being an illegal substance with some positive benefits in the medical field. People with anxiety, arthritis, seizures, and even cancer can find some benefits in using marijuana. It can calm some symptoms and reduce pain in patients. Since it is being shown as a helpful force in the medical field, people are calling for its legalization for medical purposes. There is some controversy, however, because it is illegal for a reason, and over time may produce other health risks and addiction. Just like opioids, which is another controversial drug, there may be issues with an addiction forming. Also, there are risks with having a job and using marijuana. If you fail a drug test, this may cause job loss or other issues at work. Overall, I believe that medical marijuana should be legalized so long as they use extreme caution when prescribing it to patients. When on the job risks turn up there should be a doctor’s note given to the boss that explains why they may fail a drug test. I do realize that drug tests are not specific in testing for just one type of drug.

Recreational use is a bit more complicated because unlike with medical marijuana they do not remove THC. This can cause hallucinations and other strange things occurring to your mental state, just like with alcohol. However, alcohol is legal and can impair you as well so I can see it as being okay to legalize as well. I think that like alcohol, marijuana can be okay when used in small doses and not letting it get out of hand. Also, I think having regulations on it will help keep it under control a bit more. I think that legalizing it could be a good thing if used responsibly.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3 First Impression Post #1”

  1. Kaylyn, you do a great job giving reasons as to why you think both medical and recreational marijuana should be legalized. I would agree that medical marijuana should be legalized because it is basically acting as a medicine to relieve patients from the pain or nausea they may be feeling. There are several different kinds of pain medicine which can lead to addiction, but ultimately it is the user’s decision. With medical marijuana there are still the long-term side effects such as mood, impaired learning and memory, and increased risk of psychological disorders, but they are less likely because the drug is used in safe quantities. The doctors know how much to prescribe and if the patient listens, they will feel just the right about of euphoria they need. I feel that recreational marijuana should not be legalized because of the negative side effects and legalizing this drug will increase the amount of people using it, which may put others in danger. I agree about the side effects of alcohol being similar to marijuana, but I feel we do not need to legalize both. Overall, you included great reasons on why you believe what you believe! Great job, and I love your picture!


  2. I believe you did a great job with listing both the positives and negatives and your point of view on medial and recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana is a commonly used drug for patients dealing with extreme medical issues to help reduce pain, anxiety, and stress on the patients going through certain medical problems and recoveries. You made a great point about the controversy over medical marijuana explaining that it is illegal for a reason and known to produce health issues and addiction. Doctors who prescribe medical marijuana should have strict rules on who and what diseases/sicknesses are acceptable to qualify for something like this. Also, the point you made on job securement and drug testing for drugs like marijuana will limit these medical users to getting or maintaining a job without a doctors note, etc. Everything you stated about medical marijuana is valid and you explained it great! Recreational marijuana on the other hand and the legalization in the United States has created large amounts of controversy on many aspects of it. Currently, 9 states in the US has legalized the recreation of marijuana for adults over the age of 21. In states where marijuana is not legal, it is very available and has the risk of it being laced with other substances. People have the choice to using marijuana and other drugs, so I believe recreational marijuana is a great economic boomer and brings large amounts of business to a state. You stated that if legalized, government officials should have rules and regulations to help keep it more under control. You did a great with giving your input and explaining the positives and negatives. Great Job!


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